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Getting back into things

2013-05-11 15:05:05 by BoxFullofZombies

So, while i was thinking of the meaning of life and the cure for cancer, it dawned to me to get back to creating art. So, i made it my goal to create at least one piece of art a week, when im done exams. therefore look forward to seeing crazy ass shit in the future guyz! XD

and just for shits and giggles here is a clip of Attack on titan: ailpage&v=KCZcA6BPrCw

Getting back into things


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2013-05-11 17:12:00

good luck in exams , can't wait to see your new stuff :D

BoxFullofZombies responds:

hey thanks man


2013-05-11 17:33:50

dood i saw that anime what are your thoughts on episode 5

BoxFullofZombies responds:

FUCKING MIND FUCK till i read the manga


2013-05-12 09:07:09

good luck and cant wait for your next piece :D

BoxFullofZombies responds:



2013-05-12 13:29:14

cool! looking forward to that!

BoxFullofZombies responds: